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Give identity as a gift


The choice of a corporate gift depends mostly on you because you know your clients best. Best Brands will provide you with a variety of personalised gifts which will remind of your company and will reaffirm your image irrespective of the audience and the field of activity. Each of the gifts can be branded and include text and/or an illustration in accordance with your personal preferences – logo, contact information, message….the options are unlimited. 
We also offer budget-friendly gifts at an affordable price suitable for a large number of end customers. Such are writing instruments – advertising pens and pencils as well as diaries, lighters, mugs with logos, reusable bags, branded T-shirts, business card holders, umbrellas, USB sticks, key-rings and many others.   

Elegance is a way of life and it has its manifestations in every single aspect of our everyday life – from communication between people to finding business solutions which have to be of good quality and operational at the same time.
With care and thought, with focus on every single detail. "


The choice of corporate gifts can turn out to be really complicated when you have to demonstrate style, elegance and class at the same time. The rule of thumb in this case is to rely on the well-known high-quality brands which convey a feeling of prestige, luxury and style. The collections of luxury corporate gifts of Best Brands have exactly this on offer. Choose from the product ranges of brands like Hugo Boss, Cerruti, Festina и Parker, which are associated with high quality and prestige.

A spectacular company gift which demonstrates class and style can open many doors, while the chances to remain in your clients’ minds increase significantly. An excellent example of such gifts could be: a laser engraved luxury pen, a luxury wallet, an engraved watch, a leather cover notebook or a branded wireless speaker… Each of these high quality company gifts demonstrates personal attitude, emphasizes your attention to detail and can be extremely good for your business. A personalised luxury gift conveys the message that good relationships and efficient communication are at the base of every successful deal.

In order to reinforce the impression of personal feeling and exclusivity, you should go for luxury gifts which are either a single item or limited in number. So for instance you could award an outstanding employee or pay a compliment to a partner of yours, demonstrating your high appreciation for the cooperation. Luxury accessories impress and demonstrate class.


Our Clients

"For more than ten years Best Brands have been our loyal partner in the area of delivery of advertising souvenirs, materials and promotional gifts. They are very precise, competent and flexible; they offer high quality gifts and services and manage to find adequate solutions even in the most complex situations."

Production coordinator
Interpatners advertising agency

“They always offer functional, modern gifts for our partners and clients. We appreciate the creative solutions with which they always surprise us. We can boldly say that Best Brands are a reliable partner who you can work with easily and to the highest standards. We strongly recommend.”

From-to PR agency OOD

"I have been working with Best Brands for years and every time they have managed to respond to our company inquiries adequately. The efficient communication and trust that we have built in the process of our collaboration help us a lot for the magnificent final result."

Brand & Marketing events specialist, Nemetscek Bulgaria

“I have been working with Best Brands for years and I am strongly impressed by the quality of products as well as the services provided by the team. The variety of products in stock, types of packaging, and inscription has made the process easy and carefree.”

owner of Iskra art and an artist

Personalised Gifts


Screen printing

Screen printing technology allows you to have your company logo printed on a variety of advertising materials.


Pad printing

Pad printing allows for the application of inks on products different in type and size.



A printing method based on the high printing principle. For this purpose it is necessary to make a die of the element that is stamped on.



The sublimation process is used for printing full-colour images on ready products.



Embroidery is becoming a more and more popular service when it comes to personalising advertising textile intended to promote your brand.


Laser engraving

Engraving is performed by laser removal of material off the element surface. This method makes it possible to process a wide range of materials – glass, wood, leather, metal.


Flock printing

Embossed stamp on advertising materials.


Digital printing

Direct full-colour UV printing on advertising souvenirs. t is particularly suitable for smaller-runs with full-colour logos. You can print on various materials.

Corporate gifts

Help when choosing a company gift

Good relationships with the client are of sublime importance for any business and are key to the company success. Any client or partner irrespective of the area of business will feel special and will appreciate the gestures of care, attention and personal touch when they are presented with style and in moderation. You and your business will stand out from the others on the market, building trust and long-term business relationships.

Corporate gifts are one of the ways to show your partners unequivocally that they are important to you. However, choosing an efficient company gift is not an easy task! Only a few of the factors that you have to take into consideration when selecting personalised gifts: which branded advertising products will work best for your business? What type of advertising souvenirs will be most appropriate? What budget for personalised advertising materials do you have at your disposal? Should you go for standard products or look for impressive gifts, more original and interesting options? Should you opt for functional or decorative advertising gifts? Should your marketing products be conservative or entertaining?

Our mission is to offer corporate gifts suitable for any situation. We offer a great variety of souvenirs and other products in every price category suitable for any occasion and any client. What’s more – we will help you make the best decision taking into account the area of activity, your marketing goals, budget and the clients who your personalised advertising souvenirs are intended for.

Determining the budget to spend on personalised gifts is not an easy task, but there are a few main factors which you should take into consideration in order to manage to set the financial parametres when ordering branded company products.

The first step is to determine how many gifts you need. A larger number of inexpensive branded products are appropriate for mass events or as a gift accompanying an order. In this way you can remind of yourself and your company, make a pleasant surprise without necessarily making a substantial investment. This type of gifts are: advertising pens, pencils, lighters with a logo, key-rings, caps with a logo, personalised diaries, luxury notebooks, umbrellas, T-shirts with a logo, engraved USB sticks etc.

You can also go for a smaller number of luxury gifts which will impress in the long run and confirm your image of a caring partner and employer. They are suitable for important clients and partners, the employees who you want to pay a compliment to. Luxury corporate gifts create a connection and make people feel special, whch increases the chance of being selected as a supplier or partner.

It is possible, however, to combine the two approaches – a larger number of budget-friendly gifts for retail clients and a limited series of luxury business gifts for the important clients and partners.

The decision regarding the best and most impressive gift depends on various factors which you should take into account. What is the occasion for the company gift? Do you want to give company souvenirs for an advertising purpose or are you trying to impress or captivate? What number do you need? What is your budget?

Feedback from clients and partners is a very valuable tool which can help you to make a decision regarding the production of branded corporate products. What are the advertising products that you are interested in? Are they practically-oriented or is it rather a matter of prestige? Send an offer accompanied by a personalised advertising gift which will show them that thay are important to you. Gestures show attitude and commitment, so even with a modest budget you can show care and achieve the desired results.


The main function of any marketing material is to remind of you and your corporate identity. So led by this principle, when choosing the method of branding of company gifts, it is necessary to take into account the corporate colours, slogan, logo, personal message as well as the respective material of the product, so that it corresponds to your company values.

Branding technologies allow plenty of possibilities while each of them has its specifics at the same time and they have to be taken into account in order to achieve the desired effect. Best Brands can offer a variety of options for personalisation of personalised gifts, for example: laser engraving, screen printing, pad printing, direct digital printing, transfer printing, dry enbossing, hotstamping with metal foil etc.

When choosing a branding technology, it is important to take into account the material which a given product is made from as well as the more specific characteristics related to its durability, use etc. All this is necessary in order for the final result to meet the requirements for high quality and durability of the branded corporate gift.

With more than 20 years of experience in the manufacture of company gifts, our mission is to help you choose the most appropriate method of branding consistent with the specifics of the product you have chosen as well as to take care of each detail, so that you get a product with excellent appearance and feeling.

We will offer a variety of possibilities and will demonstrate what the final product will look like in order for you to make the best decision. In this way you will be able to achieve the maximum effect of your investment.

The answer to any of the questions above can be critical for the efficiency of the corporate gifts which you will select. You know your clients while we at Best Brands EOOD know the business with personalised gifts perfectly. Trust us and we will offer you the optimum option for your business, your clients and partners.

Everybody loves receiving gifts! Gestures of attention leave a lasting mark on the relations with your clients and make them feel significant. This inevitably reinforces your relationships and makes you a preferred partner.

The right choice of a personalised gift is key to making a good impression. The most efficient gifts are those which are not only properly selected – according to your criteria and preferences, but remain in the client’s mind for years. Imagine for example a luxury pen which your client uses on a daily basis; or a luxury branded diary which they have with them all the time; what about a pencil case branded with your logo, USB stick, or a mutitool which is at hand in a critical situation? A mug that is used every day… The options are unlimited. When your clients or partners enjoy the personalised gifts, they feel special while this reinforces their willingness to work with you.

The diversity of products that we offer means that you have really a lot of possibilities to choose from – from branded souvenirs at a reasonable price to exclusive luxury gifts of renowned brands which help you demonstrate style and class. We will help you to find the optimum price-quality ratio in order to achieve your objectives and meet your corporate requirements to the maximum without putting your budget to the test. No matter whether you need inexpensive gifts in large quantities or luxury products with an individual message, we have a solution.

Personalised corporate gifts

The most important characteristic of a corporate gift is to remind about who gave the gift. This can be achieved by personalizing the advertising product – printing or engraving a logo or other information important to you. This process of personalization of souvenirs and advertising gifts has a lot of specifics hidden under the surface. We have the experience, information, knowledge and technologies by means of which we can personalize any of the products in the best and most efficient way. We will offer you a variety of options consistent with the characteristics and specifics of each product in order to turn it into the ideal gift.

Having 20-year experience in the area of personalised corporate gifts, our portfolio has an exceptional variety of high quality products to offer. In our collections you will find gifts for any occasion or taste, suitable both for individual business partners and clients and for a wider audience. Our company gift portfolio includes budget-friendly options of advertising souvenirs which you can order and brand in large numbers as well as luxury elegant products that will bring satisfaction to the people with highest expectations. We will provide you with advice when choosing between any of the different options in a competent and responsible manner.

How should we choose the practical branded corporate gifts, so that they are useful, enjoyable and popularise our brand in the best possible way?

Just like in most cases, there is no simple answer to this question. Together we will make the right decision based on business, clients, partners and your objectives. The details associated with your clients and their preference, the distinctive characteristics which make your corporate identity unique, the occasion as well as any other information which you have will help make the best and most efficient decision with a maximum positive effect on your business.

Practical corporate gifts are an interesting category which always deserves attention. This type of branded company gifts manage to impress by means of their easy application in everyday life and their usefulness in a wide range of circumstances. Think for example about car accessories with a logo, such as a windscreen sun shade or an ice scraper, multitool or torch. If you choose such a practical company gift or an inexpensive advertising souvenir, it will remind of you in various situations and this is the first step when building customer loyalty.

The wide range of gifts – from budget-friendly souvenirs to luxury products – encompasses any possible option. Together we can choose the number and type of your company gifts in such a way that you will achieve maximum results with the budget you have allocated, no matter whether it’s a question of mass advertising souvenirs or personalised corporate gifts.

Gifts in stock

We are aware that in many cases time is of critical importance and sometimes circumstances are pressing to make a quick decision. We often have to react within the tightest of deadlines in order to provide the necessary promotional gifts for campaigns and events with different orientation. With Best Brand’s product portfolio you can be calm that you will always have the opportunity to select an appropriate personalised gift which will be branded and delivered within the shortest terms, because we keep a rich variety of the products we offer in stock. We can provide branded souvenirs, promotional and corporate gifts flexibly and efficiently. You can be sure that in this way you will save time and money and achieve your marketing objectives as well.

Direct importer

Best brands is a direct importer of a wide range of specially selected products. It is part of our mission to provide maximum choice at a reasonable price; not only do we offer exclusive and luxury advertising products, but also products intended for the mass market – budget-friendly items like pens, flash memory, desk accessories, mugs, notebooks, caps, umbrellas, T-shirts and many more. This makes it possible for us to react in accordance with your needs and preferences and provide you with the optimum price-quality ratio.

Our long-standing experience and the possibility to brand and personalise using various technologies can turn any product into an impressive personalised gift for any taste and occasion. However, the most important thing that remains is the fact that the company gift you have chosen will remind of you and your corporate identity – leaving a lasting mark and a pleasant impression even among the most demanding clients and partners.

As an official representative for Bulgaria of a variety of brands, we offer advertising products unparalleled on the market. Such are: environmentally friendly products with a printed logo that are made from recycled and/or natural materials, branded luxury products like high-quality Italian diaries with natural leather covers, luxury writing utensils, engraved watches and many more.

We offer complete solutions with the help of which you will achieve your objectives and make the desired impression. They are consistent with your individual needs – advertising and promotional products for a campaign and events.

We will make your business more successful and together we will select the best company gifts, promotional and marketing materials for any situation.

Thematic gifts are a wonderful way to remain in the client’s mind, reminding of you in a specific context. The theme of the corporate gift could be determined by the field of activity in which you operate or by the event you are organising. For instance, for a company in the construction business you could select a pen with a built-in level tool; a company that deals with repairs and machinery might go for a personalised pen with a caliper or a built-in multi-bit screwdriver. For your Christmas party you could order branded pencils in red with an amusing Christmas element or personalised T-shirts, caps with a logo.

The thematic gifts are exceptionally efficient as they smartly draw associations with the specifics of your business or a particular moment that you have shared with your clients or partners.

Advertising products

How to choose the products and optimise expenses.

USB flash memories

Personalised USB flash memories are an exceptionally practical corporate gift which is both convenient and functional managing to impress at the same time. Choose a USB flash memory with a colour corresponding to your corporate requirements, while the method of engraving can match your preferences. USB devices are made of various materials, traditionally these being metal and plastic, but you don’t have to limit yourselves to these only. A USB memory stick branded by means of laser engraving could turn into an extremely spectacular gift for your clients!

Advertising key-rings with a logo and tools

Branded key-rings with a company logo are products which impress with their practicality but also with their efficiency. A key-ring can be in the client’s hands all day!

The manufacture of key-rings can involve various materials, shapes and colours. There is a variety of technologies that can be used in the manufacture of parts as well as in the branding. For example, apart from traditional plastic and metal models, you can choose from advertising key-rings made from sustainable materials – wood, cork etc.

A tool with your logo is an excellent idea for a practical advertising gift. Such are a branded tape measure, a torch with a logo, an engraved advertising multitool as well as many others.

Branded advertising pens

Branded advertising pens or pencils are an appropriate gift when the goal is a budget-friendly personalised gift or a gift aimed at a larger number of clients. They can be manufactured in different colours, while you can make your choice depending on the material and a variety of shapes. Cost-effective plastic or metal pens with company logos are suitable for mass and budget-friendly gifts. The colours of the writing instruments as well as the branding technology have to be selected in such a way as to ultimately precisely and clearly correspond to your company identity.

Branded writing instruments can certainly be made as individual luxury high quality pens and fountain pens – these are exclusive and stylish gifts which you can make for special clients and important partners.

Environmentally friendly gifts

The environment is one of the hot topics which affect every one of us in our daily routine. It is a marvelous way to get in touch with your clients who are passionate about environmental conservation both from a personal and business perspective.

In order to meet the increased criteria for reducing pollution and impress your clients with a conscious step towards a more sustainable business model, we urge you to choose environmentally friendly advertising products based on natural or recycled materials. For example, such are the personalized corporate gifts made of recycled and natural materials like wood and bamboo. The IMPACT series offers branded textile advertising products made of recycled textile – personalized T-shirts, caps with logos. It is proven that water has been saved in the production of these products. Other unique offers include an advertising pencil that you can plant after it has been used up. A real plant will grow as a result, it will then remind of you and will always make an interesting subject of conversation.