Best Brands EOOD offers branding of advertising materials and advertising souvenirs. Screen printing is one of the methods of branding on advertising materials.


Screen printing is a technology which allows for the transfer of inks on a variety of materials. What is characteristic of this technology is the high level of coverage of the inks and their durability. Its advantage is that it is unpretentious to the surfaces that are printed on. Screen printing can be used on very thick cardboards, wood, plastic, textile, metal, self-adhesive PVC foil as well as on ready objects with irregular shape.
The screen printing technology is irreplaceable for the decoration of working clothes, T-shirts and any other type of textile. The screen printing technology allows for your company logo to be printed on various types of advertising materials: advertising lighters, advertising key-rings, advertising mugs, advertising ashtrays, advertising organizers, advertising diaries, advertising calendars, advertising calendar notebooks, advertising clocks, advertising business bags, advertising umbrellas etc. We can print, by means of direct screen printing, an imprint on advertising caps, advertising T-shirts, advertising wadded long-sleeves, advertising working clothes.

Best Brands EOOD is a closed-loop advertising agency, from the import of the advertising souvenirs, the branding of the advertising products to the delivery in your office. One of the main branding methods in Best Brands EOOD is pad printing.


This method allows for the application of inks on materials different in type and size. Modern technologies provide good enough quality of the imprint regarding the resolution, which allows for the reproduction of small details. It is especially suitable for printing on advertising souvenirs and advertising products, such as advertising lighters, advertising pens and advertising key-rings.

The essence of pad printing is in the application of ink on the die, the transfer of the image on the pad and laying it on the advertising product. The simplicity of the process provides excellent quality and precision.

It is designed both for flat printing and for advertising souvenirs with complex and irregular, or even 3-D shape. The pad can “envelop” the object (especially if it is a matter of a small cylindrical or spherical object) to 180° and apply an image on the whole contact surface. Without a doubt, one of the best and most cont-efficient branding technologies for your advertising souvenirs, company gifts, industrial elements, PVC packages etc.

Advertising agency Best Brands EOOD offers hotstamping and dry embossing as a branding technology.


A printing method based on the high printing principle. A printing method based on the principle of high print. For this purpose it is necessary to make a die of the element that is stamped on. After the die (which is a mirror image) has been made, with the help of foil and by means of heating and pressure, stamping is performed on paper, cardboard and leather. The foil can be gold, silver, in various metalized and fluorescent rich colours which cannot be achieved with offset inks. Hotstamping is used for title pages, luxury catalogues, advertising calendars, advertising diaries, advertising calendar notebooks, menus, advertising folders, invitations and other luxury products.

Dry embossing is similar to hotstamping and its purpose is to leave an embossed imprint on the surface. The embossing can be with different depth of the image. It is used to highlight certain elements and and can be used in combination with hotstamping. It can be used on very thick cardboards, wood, plastic, textile, metal, self-adhesive PVC foil as well as on ready objects with irregular shape – advertising diaries, boxes etc.

The process called sublimation is used for printing images on ready products and involves the transition of inks from solid to gas state using high temperature and as result the image is transferred to the surface of the product. The product must be made of polyester and have a special coating.


After heated to 162C°, polyester molecules “open up” and sublimation inks, which are in the form of gas at the same time, can penetrate the polyester. After the end of the high temperature impact, polyester molecules “close” and in this way the image remains on the polyester. This is successfully applied when branding advertising umbrellas, advertising ceramic mugs, advertising backpacks, advertising T-shirts etc.

Advertising agency Best Brands EOOD has established itself as a leader in the embroidery of advertising textile, such as advertising T-shirts, advertising caps, advertising jackets and sweatshirts.


Modern high quality machine embroidery is widely used in the textile industry as well as regarding advertising souvenirs. After developing an appropriate computer program, embroidery is done using high quality silk, viscose or polyester threads on any type of textile base. Very suitable for advertising T-shirts and advertising blouses.

Best Brands has established itself as a leader in the engraving of advertising souvenirs, advertising gifts, crystal and industrial elements. It guarantees a lasting imprint.


Engraving is performed by laser removal of material off the element surface. The resulting imprint is practically inerasable. When processing transparent objects (crystal, plexiglass), subsurface 3D laser engraving is possible. You can successfully engrave advertising metal pens, advertising lighters, advertising key-rings, advertising calendar notebooks, advertising diaries etc.

An image created using a graphic or text editor is printed on flock paper as a mirror image.


After that, with the help of the heat press, the image is transferred on the surface of the product. There are about 15 colouring types of flock paper on the market. It is applicable on advertising T-shirts and caps.

An image created using a graphic editor, camera, scanned image, clip-art etc is printed out on special paper using a sublimation cartridge.
It is applicable on advertising T-shirts and caps.


In this way, the sign remains forever. With this type of print, the products can be easily washed in dishwashers without harming the print. The disadvantage of this technology is that it is only used for printing on glass and porcelain.

Full-color printing on advertising materials and advertising souvenirs – advertising pens, advertising lighters, advertising key chains, advertising porcelain, glass, wood, metal, etc.


Without a doubt, one of the best and cost-efficient technologies for branding your advertising souvenirs and gifts.